Beer glasses

Eva Solo beer glasses with the iconic angled rim were developed in collaboration with professional brewers to ensure the best possible taste experience. The range consists of two types of stemmed beer glasses – a tall glass especially well-suited for wheat beer and a low glass for lager. 


The Eva Solo beer glass series has been created to let beer drinkers derive maximum enjoyment from different types of beer and schnapps. The shape of the glasses is designed to enhance the aroma and taste.  You can also ‘just’ use these beautiful glasses as your inclination takes you.

The large, tall glass is specially designed for wheat beers, as it can accommodate their characteristically strong and creamy heads.  The glass holds 50 cl, and is also suitable for other types of beer. The small beer glass is designed for lager beer. With its elegant shape, the glass concentrates the aroma of the hops. The beer glass highlights the clear, light interplay of colours that characterises lager beer. The glass holds 35 cl, and is also suitable for other types of beer.

The glasses have been developed in close collaboration with professional brewers. The aromas and taste are enhanced by the shape of each individual glass. The design of the beer glasses is distinguished by a distinctive angled rim at the top, similar to the angled rims of the popular range of Eva Solo wineglasses.  The two glass series complement each other well.