Eva Solo and Eva Trio pots and cookware are high quality with a focus on design and functionality. Here you can find the classic Eva Trio pots in different materials, as well as pots in several design variants from Eva Solo.

All our pots are suitable for use on all heat sources – including induction.


Each material has its own unique properties in relation to the food you plan to cook. Get an overview of the options with Eva Trio’s cookware, so that you can find the pots and pans to match your favourite menus.

Stainless steel is a robust and hard-wearing material which withstands high temperatures. Steel is also resistant to food acids, and is a good choice for pots and pans which are being used on a daily basis.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in stainless steel cookware: Ragouts, soups, pasta, potatoes and vegetables.

Aluminium is a sensitive material that reacts quickly to changes in temperature and which – in addition to distributing heat across the base of the cookware – also conducts it up the sides. It distributes the heat evenly, which is an advantage when cooking food that has a tendency to stick.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in aluminium cookware: Porridge, omelettes, risottos and fish.

Triple-layer cookware features a hard-wearing sandwich construction with an aluminium core encapsulated between a stainless steel layer on the inside and outside. It is very durable, and a joy to use thanks to the heat-distributing aluminium.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in triple-layer cookware: Casseroles, rice pudding, sauces, pasta, potatoes and vegetables.

The Cast iron series is enamelled and withstands temperatures up to 400˚C. As a result, the cookware comprises incredibly robust pots and pans that retain the heat well. It is always an advantage to prepare meat in a cast-iron pot, as it is possible to cook at high temperatures, which seals in the flavours.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in cast-iron cookware: Casseroles, simmer dishes, roasts (slow roasting) and baking bread.

Copper is not just beautiful – it also responds quickly to changes in temperature. Polished stainless steel on the inside and with an aluminium core. A trinity of outstanding materials.

Suggestions for dishes prepared in copper cookware: Simmer dishes, sauces, soups, flambéing and sautéing.