Protect your table with an Eva Solo trivet. Put a trivet on your table first so you can safely put down your steaming-hot pans and serve piping-hot foot without damaging your table. Eva Solo trivets are magnetic and easily latch onto the base of the pan, making it easy to move around. Some trivets can also be used as a stand for your tablet.

A trivet is indispensable on your dining table. The main family meal must be served piping-hot, of course. Imagine a traditional lamb hotpot. It’s big and heavy and has been bubbling away for hours. The aroma permeates the house, honing everyone’s appetites in anticipation! The chef in the kitchen says it’ll be another half hour, though.

Avoid heat marks on your table or worktop

Thirty minutes later on the dot, he enters with a spring in his step, carrying the pot, ready to put it down in front of his hungry family. Let’s just hope he remembered the trivet. The effect of a magnificent dining table with a massive heat mark can soon take the edge off some people’s appetites.

Magnetic trivets

It’s easy to make a cross of single magnetic trivets ready for pots, pans and other hot objects. The magnet is strong enough to keep the trivet attached to the pan, wherever you place it.

It’s a simple matter to lift the pot or pan off the stove top, and straight onto the trivet, which attaches magnetically. Then you can carry it wherever you wish, e.g. to the dining table, and just put it down without worrying about making marks.

When not in use, it takes up very little space in your cupboard.

Trivet with phone and tablet stand

Eva Solo has trivets that can be used as stands for tablets and smartphones. As the trivet is only otherwise used when serving a meal, this is a welcome additional function.

Place your tablet upright on it while you work in the kitchen. Then you can watch your favourite TV programme or have the radio playing while you work. Naturally, you can take the trivet outside the bounds of the kitchen to use it as a tablet stand wherever you need it moment by moment.

Washing the trivet

here’s no problem cleaning the trivets. You can just pop them in the dishwasher. If they’re not messy, however, you can just wipe them before putting them away in the cupboard.