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A glass for every taste

A wine glass isn’t just a glass. Because our noses play such a pivotal role in winetasting, the shape and design of the glass has a profound impact on the bouquet and flavour. This, in combination with an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look, is what makes for the perfect glass. Welcome to the mouth-blown Eva Solo wine glass series.

The angled rim on each Eva Solo wine glass is no accident. Nor i s it a result of the designer’s fancy. The angle has been carefully designed to enhance the bouquet and character of each wine while adding a unique touch of elegance to the glass.

It’s the choice of a true wine connoisseur.


The Champagne glasses are the ideal choice for enhancing the bubbles, aroma, and flavour of any sparkling wine, from Champagne to Cava and Cremont.

Shaped to the individual wine

The many different wine grapes available today can be traced back to a few European varieties. Wines made from these grapes can be divided into two main categories of taste. The bowls of Eva Solo wine glasses have been designed in collaboration with a handpicked team of sommeliers to match these categories. The result is a series of glasses that perfectly match each individual g rape variety, depending on whether the wine should be swirled and the volume of the pour.

Both the wine and the person who drinks the wine will benefit from these glasses.

Dry and intense white wines

The Sauvignon Blanc white wine glass is recommended for wines such as Fumé Blanc, Sémillon, Sancerre, Zierfande and – of course – Sauvignon Blanc. All are dry, intense white wines.

Mild and fruity white wines

The slim Riesling wine glass is designed to draw out the best from a fresh white wine with a high mineral content and a peach aroma. Among German Kabinett wines, Riesling is the best. It is followed by wines from Alsace. Many unoaked white wines belong to this group, for which this glass is designed in particular.

A sublime experience

Wine drinking should be sublime. There’s an elegance to enjoying the exquisite flavour notes on your palate. At Eva Solo, we know that the best way to savour the experience is to drink from the highest quality wine glasses. And the highest quality glasses are mouth-blown. No other technique gives the glass such an elegant and unique finish. It’s a sublime design for a sublime experience.

Intense, refined and velvety red wines

The large Bourgogne bowl is shaped to accentuate the finer subtleties of more complex and refined red wines such as Red Burgundy, Barbaresco, Barera, Barolo, Gamay, Nebbilo and Pinot Noir. All of these are elegant, intense, refined and velvety red wines.

Dry and tannin rich red wines

The Bordeaux red wine glass is recommended for Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja and Tempranillo wines. All of these are distinctive and dry red wines with a rich tannin content.

Spicy wines with high alcohol

The Syrah red wine glass is recommended for Amarone, Blaufränkisch, Malbec, Pinotage, Shiraz and Syrah wines. They all belong to a group of wines characterised by their strong and spicy taste and high alcohol content.

From mouth to glass

Each Eva Solo wine glass undergoes a time-consuming and meticulous design process made up of 16 individual steps. The glasses are mouth-blown and everything is made by hand: the foot, the stem, the bowl. And while no two glasses are ever exactly the same, all of the glasses are crafted to perfection, without any edges between stem and bowl, and in an exclusive design.

Raise your glass and enjoy every sip.