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Enjoy hot and cold drinks on the move

Sustainability 'on the go'

Cecilie Blaksted

Danish lifestyle blogger and author on sustainability and health.

"I use my drinking bottle EVERY SINGLE DAY. I always carry water with me as it keeps me fresh throughout the day. And that's the easiest way to make sure you get enough water."


Reduce your single-use habits by using reusable drinking bottles and thermo cups.

Do as Cecilie and use our To Go products for hot and cold drinks when you are ‘on the go’. Did you know that many cafés offer to brew coffee directly into your own To Go cup?


”I am always on the go, and I usually drink my morning coffee on the way instead of at home before leaving. This also means that I automatically have a coffee cup with me, if I am going to a café later and want to avoid using a disposable one. The thermal function is ideal when the seasons change and it gets increasingly colder outside. That way the coffee stays warm – and so do I. It also worked well to keep my iced coffee cool during the summer. It is super practical that it is so tightly sealed; I can easily throw it in my bag before rushing out the door.”

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Drinking bottles

Backpack drinking bottle


For active types – a large bottle which is particularly robust.

Cool thermo flask

Can be used for cold and hot water


Add a dash of flavour to your water using the skewer


Add a decorative flavour to your water with the MyFlavour drinking bottle. The bottle has a removable skewer for aromatic flavourings such as lemon, mint or cucumber. The sky is the limit.

Urban To Go Cup

To Go Cup

Nordic kitchen thermo teacup

with filter


Brew your favourite tea directly in the cup. Pour the tea into the removable filter, add water and brew to taste, and you’re ready to go.