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Legio nova

✔ Refined design | ✔ 10 years porcelain warranty | ✔ Oven-proof, microwave-proof and freezer-safe

Legio Nova tableware

Legio Nova is a modern and trendsetting take on the popular Legio tableware designed by Ole Palsby.

Made from high-quality white porcelain, the fluted Legio Nova tableware is already a classic for presenting food with restrained elegance.

The porcelain is ovenproof, microwave-proof and freezer-safe, and is of course dishwasher-safe.

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10 years porcelain warranty

Porcelain warranty

There is always 10 years warranty on the Legio Nova tableware. 

It is high quality porcelain, tested and recommend by the Dansih culinary team.


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In the oven

Legio nova

Legio Nova is a reinterpretation of the minimalist Legio dinnerware – one of the best-selling white dinner services throughout the 2000s. Legion Nova adds grooves to the minimalist design. This adds a new visual and sensual dimension to the familiar Legio design, echoed in Legio Nova, and the jugs draw inspiration from some of Ole Palsby’s original designs.

When it comes to laying the table, you’ll obviously need some porcelain that reflects your style and the atmosphere you want to create with your table setting. Your choice of plates, bowls, dishes, jugs and other porcelain says something about you and the dining experience you want to create for your visitors.

The extreme minimalist design of porcelain was especially popular throughout the 2000s. This helped make Ole Palsby’s Legio dinnerware one of the best-selling dinner services. Its minimalist design and clean lines made it easy to use this dinner service for virtually any kind of table setting you could imagine. Legio suited a romantic table setting just as well as a rustic one.

Legio Nova adds extra dimensions

Legio Nova adds some extra dimensions to the familiar, cherished design. It echoes the shapes of the Legio dinner service. However, grooves have been added to the individual designs. This lends an entirely new visual dimension when it comes to serving the food.

It also adds a more sensual touch, which you will experience more fully when you touch the plate or the other porcelain pieces in the dinner service. It breathes new life into the familiar design. At the same time, it makes your table setting stand out among your circle of friends who own the original Legio dinnerware. They won’t fail to notice it when they come to visit.

A dinner service with a pedigree to be proud of

Designed by Ole Palsby, Legio Novo is dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave safe. In other words, this dinner service is easy to include in all the contexts in which a modern family uses porcelain.

That was one of Ole Palsby’s strokes of genius in designing products for everyday life in Denmark. He considered it “well worth the effort”, as he put it, when designing new things. He did so with great success and for more than 35 years put his distinctive touch on people’s homes both in Denmark and abroad, especially as regards kitchen and table items.

“Clean lines” was the supreme aim of all his designs, which stylistically, lie within the industrial, Nordic design tradition. Today, Ole Palsby is considered as influential as both Poul Henningsen and Poul Kjærholm.

Several of his designs may have been seen as a break with tradition when they first came out. But today many of them have become design icons that inspire and inform new generations of designers. Today, look is accepted as the norm – and from here on, the next generation can find new paths, just as Ole Palsby himself once did.