User instructions for Eva Solo/Eva Trio porcelain

Freezer, oven, grill and microwave oven

Eva Solo/Eva Trio porcelain can be used in ovens and microwave ovens without problem. The porcelain can be put in a freezer. All porcelain with a flat surface can also be used on the grill. Please note that there must always be oil or liquid in the base of the porcelain. 

Eva Solo/Eva Trio porcelain can withstand thermal shock. This means it can be taken directly from the freezer and placed in an oven or on the grill. Please note that the entire base of the porcelain must be covered by either food or liquid, to maintain a uniform temperature as it begins to heat. If only half of the base is covered, the temperature difference becomes too great, and this can result in the porcelain breaking.

NB: Do not pour cold water into the porcelain after it has been heated in an oven, etc. The porcelain can crack due to the cold shock from the water. 

Washing and cutlery marks/scratches

All Eva Solo/Eva Trio porcelain is dishwasher safe. 

Cutlery marks look like large scratches. It can appear as if there are scratches on the porcelain, but usually these are just marks from cutlery following use. These marks can generally be removed using calcium carbonate or steel polish (see the user instructions for the product).

Porcelain warranty

Read everything about the Eva Solo/Eva Trio porcelain warranty here.