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Answer correctly on the daily question, and participate in the draw on a new prize each day.



New prizes every day from 1st to 24th December, with a total value of 2.800 £ / 3.000 €

Present ideas for him

Calendar winners 2018

December 1: Anke Rennek, Germany

December 2: Samantha Parfitt, United Kingdom

December 3: Karsten Andersen, Denmark

December 4: Lars Frederiksen, Denmark

December 5: Emma Dormer, United Kingdom

December 6: Erika Krone, Norway

December 7: Sarah Wilson, United Kingdom

December 8: Heidi Sørensen, Denmark

December 9: Graham Freeman, United Kingdom

December 10: Helena Lindqvist, Sweden

December 11: Astrid Hüttemann, Germany

December 12: Anne Rørbæk Commerou, Denmark

December 13: Cath Rodger, United Kingdom

December 14: Martina Heinz, Germany

December 15: Karina Andersen, Denmark

December 16: Jill Johnson, United Kingdom

December 17: Komal Qasim, United Kingdom

December 18: Rebekka Haugland, Norway

December 19: Henriette Hansen, Denmark

December 20: Susanne Jensen, Denmark

December 21: Zana Kelani, Denmark

December 22: Marius Bæver Larsen, Norway

December 23: Jeanett Frøkjær, Denmark

December 24: Steven Young, United Kingdom