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Answer correctly on the daily question, and participate in the draw on a new prize each day.



New prizes every day from 1st to 24th December, with a total value of 2.687 £ / 2.851 €

Present ideas for him

Calendar winners 2018

December 1: Anke Rennek, Germany

December 2: Samantha Parfitt, United Kingdom

December 3: Karsten Andersen, Denmark

December 4: Lars Frederiksen, Denmark

December 5: Emma Dormer, United Kingdom

December 6: Erika Krone, Norway

December 7: Sarah Wilson, United Kingdom

December 8: Heidi Sørensen, Denmark

December 9: Graham Freeman, United Kingdom

December 10: Helena Lindqvist, Sweden

December 11: Astrid Hüttemann, Germany

December 12: Anne Rørbæk Commerou, Denmark

December 13, Cath Rodger, United Kingdom

December 14, Martina Heinz, Germany

December 15, Karina Andersen, Denmark

December 16, Jill Johnson, United Kingdom

December 17, Komal Qasim, United Kingdom